Bronze Detail : starting from $99.00

  • Ecowash from top to bottom using Microfibre technology to thoroughly clean the outside of your vehicle.
  • Thorough vacuum of vehicle interior, clean all hard surfaces using microfibre technology.
  • High quality Wax sealant applied to vehicle.
  • Streak free windows inside and out.
  • Dressed tyres and rims.

Silver Detail : starting from $198.00

  • As above and we will also use a clay bar to decontaminate the bonnet, roof and bootlid from unseen fallout which embeds itself in the paint.
  • Plus your choice of hard surface interior cleaned or dressed hard services, vents and knobs.
  • Door jams degreased and cleaned.
  • Light polish to remove some paint defects and improve the shine of the paint, followed by application of Carnuba based wax sealant.
  • Rims cleaned from brake dust build up (front face) and tyres dressed.

Gold Detail : Starting from $350.00

  • As above and we will also use tools and techniques to minimize surface scratches and swirls in the paint.
  • Plus application of an Acrylic Paint Sealant which will last up to 3-4 times longer than wax.


Mini Detail: starting from $44.00

Outside only, using Ecowash/Microfibre, streakfree glass and tyre dressing to get you in and out and on your way within 30mins.

Other services are available starting from $55.00

  • Scratch and Swirl removal
  • Stain and Permanent Odour removal
  • Headlight Restoration