Waterless Car Wash: from $44.00 (Small car)

Clean exterior of vehicle only, using Ecowash and Microfibre technology, streakfree glass and tyre dressing to get you in and out and on your way within 30mins.

Traditional Car Detailing services: from $220.00 (Small car)

Clean exterior and interior of vehicle. Vacuum of carpets and upholstry, dressing of hard surfaces on the inside is then followed by a paint decontamination procedure on the outside using methods which provide a smoooth surface to then allow for application of polishes and or sealants depending on the outcome required. Options include an All in One product which is the most time and cost effective right through to multiple polishing steps which are followed by the application of high end waxes or longer lasting polymer sealants.

Commercial Fleet Cleaning

detailGUYS have cleaned thousands of fleet cars over the last decade using our Eco friendly cleaning methods which make sense to our clients and the environment, saving megalitres of water in the process. 

Speciality services

Pre and Post Sale detailing tailored to the individual requirements of the vehicle and/or owner

End of Lease turn in 

Window Tint and Windscreen replacement

PDR Paintless Dent Removal

Paint Correction and Ceramic Paint Protection